Challenge Electronics

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Challenge Electronics has expertise in all aspects of electronics design, electronics manufacture and product assembly. We can start from as little as your idea and work through to product manufacture or we are happy to work from an already completed design. Our production methods encompass volumes of manufacture from prototypes or short production runs that other makers are not interested in, typically 10’s, up to large scale production runs of 10’s of thousands. Many of the projects that we work on are confidential and you can trust us to protect your idea and work with a confidentiality agreement if needed.
Recent Work
​​Recent work includes design and/or manufacture of: Industrial and domestic heating controls, lighting controls, bank security systems, packaging machine controls, tv viewing timers, ultrasonic medical cleaning controls, information kiosks, exhibition stand electronics, queuing systems, boiler exhaust gas analysers, games electronics, traffic light systems, animal and pest deterrents, metal detector boards, model aircraft electronics and many other types of custom electronics.
CATWatch is one of our most succesful designs; the only ultrasonic pest deterrent in history to be tested and approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). ​​